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Poly Trio Conference Phones

Poly Trio high-end conference phones with advanced audio technology

  • Use Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Standard VoIP to connect

  • Best in class audio

  • Video upgradeable

Poly Trio 8800

The Poly Trio 8800 is a large-room conference phone featuring a 20-feet (6.5m) microphone pickup range.

The Poly Trio 8800 supports bluetooth and Wi-fi connectivity as well as 22 KHz crystal-clear audio quality.

The Echo Cancellation and Noise Reduction capabilities of the Poly Trio 8800 give you superior sound quality.

The Trio features a multi-touch 5-inch colour LCD and 3 multi-colour mute indicators.

Audio pickup is excellent, powered by 3 cardioid microphones.


Poly Trio 8800 Datasheet