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Microsoft Teams Videoconferencing

Microsoft Teams Videoconferencing

Microsoft Teams Videoconferencing

To effectively collaborate in today’s business environment, it is very productive to use Microsoft Teams Videoconferencing in Meeting rooms. The Poly product range enables you to do that by:

Converting your Microsoft Teams laptop into a Videoconferencing System.

Conferencing in your meeting room with native Ms Teams Mode.

Participating in Ms Teams meetings with your team in the meeting room. Enjoy high quality audio, video and presentations.

Microsoft Teams USB Videoconferencing System

Microsoft Teams Video Conferencing with Poly Studio USB

Huddle Rooms

Bring your laptop inside the Huddle Room. Simply connect the USB cable to Poly Studio USB.

Your laptop is now a videoconferencing station. It has a high-quality speaker, a microphone and a 4K camera. Enjoy your participant Auto Tracking!

Polycom Studio X50 for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Video Conferencing with Poly Studio X30/X50

Small – Medium Rooms

Join Microsoft Teams Videoconferencing meetings with a dedicated video system. The Studio series supports native Teams mode.

Enjoy the Poly Studio x30/x50 Room Systems high-end audio. Conference with video and content presentation using your Microsoft Teams collaboration system.

Polycom Trio for Microsoft Teams

Ms Teams Videoconferencing with Poly Trio

Small – Medium Rooms

Conference on Audio with great microphone pickup and touch screen. Upgrade Poly Trio and Conference on Video using Microsoft Teams. Use the Trio native Teams Mode.

Expand your Audio coverage for a long table with external microphones. Be productive!

Microsoft Teams Video Call

Video for Teams in the meeting room

The Poly Studio USB Videobar converts laptops and PCs into high quality Videoconferencing Stations. As a result, it provides worry-free collaboration between business teams.

The Poly Studio X30 and X50 are both fully standalone conferencing systems. Therefore, they do not require a PC. Studio X30/X50 support native Microsoft Teams mode. This mode enables the X-series systems to connect to the Teams infrastructure in the same way as a Teams software client.

The Poly Trio system is a high quality audio conference phone. It is suitable for medium to large rooms. Starting as an audioconferencing system, the Poly Trio can be easily upgraded. Add any camera from a variety of different cameras. This converts the audio conference phone to a complete videoconferencing system. Enjoy excellent audio pickup and high-end video.