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Zoom Video System Integration

Microsoft Teams Videoconferencing

Poly Integration with Zoom

Poly systems provide integration with Zoom in various levels. Whether you want to use your own PC with the Zoom client in a meeting room, use your PC with a small personal audio device, or use a Zoom Rooms solution with dedicated hardware, the Poly systems will provide you with the solution to fit your needs.

  • Convert your laptop running the Zoom client into a Videoconferencing System.
  • Organize a video call in your meeting room with native Zoom Mode.
  • Use your personal laptop at your desk to join a video call with great audio and video.
Microsoft Teams USB Videoconferencing System

Zoom Video Conferencing with Poly Studio USB

Huddle Rooms

Walk into a Huddle Room and connect your laptop to Poly Studio USB.

You have now transformed your laptop into a videoconference system for huddle rooms. You have hands-free operation, excellent audio from the Poly Studio speaker, the Poly Studio microphones and a high quality 4K camera with participant Auto Tracking!

Polycom Studio X50 for Microsoft Teams

Zoom Video Conferencing with Poly Studio X30/X50

Small – Medium Rooms

Join Zoom video calls with the Poly Studio X30/X50 systems. The X series systems support native Zoom mode without any PC needed. 

By using the Poly Studio x30/x50 Room Systems with Zoom, you can take advantage of the high-end audio, video and content presentation of Poly. Use Zoom in your meeting room with Poly hardware for a high-end experience.

Microsoft Teams Video Call

Zoom and Video System Integration in meeting rooms

The Poly Studio USB Videobar enables the use of laptops and PCs in meeting rooms, by adding the necessary hardware to convert a computer into a high quality videoconferencing system. Poly studio provides hands-free operation, with participant auto-tracking and with the ability to add an additional external microphone for better audio quality.

The Poly Studio X30/X50 systems are standalone video units without the need for a computer. They support the native Zoom mode, connecting directly to Zoom and providing you with the richest and most advanced videoconferencing experience. They can instantly transform a simple computer into a videoconferencing powerhouse with single or dual-monitor operation. Your computer can become the video system for medium to large meeting rooms with unprecedented audio and video quality.

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